Wounded Warriors Canada is a non-profit organization that helps Canadian Forces members who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada. They help find therapeutic programs and solutions for military men and women in need. Currently, their primary focus is on mental health and, particularly, the staggering impact of PTSD and Operational Stress Injuries.

To provide increased financial support and public awareness for Wounded Warriors Canada, the “Wounded Warrior Run BC” (WWRBC) was created.  A team of dedicated runners will relay run the length of Vancouver Island for six consecutive days, starting Sunday, 15 Feb 2015 and finishing Friday, 20 Feb 2015.  The journey will begin in Port Hardy and end in Victoria at Saunders Subaru, covering an excess of 600 km.

We are currently accepting donations! Click the “Donate Now!” link above and simply scroll down to the “Wounded Warrior Run BC.” You can also donate at any Island Savings Bank branch and donate under “Wounded Warrior Run BC.” All donations will go directly to Wounded Warriors Canada.

Want to get in touch? Contact us at:




Saunders Subaru

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You can also follow along on both Facebook and Twitter by clicking on one of the icons below!


39 thoughts on “WWRUNBC 15 February – 20 February, 2015

  1. Ann

    Hi! I heard the CBC radio piece this morning, and wanted to send along my support. I have posted info through FaceBook and hope that you have many donations and cheerleaders along the route!

  2. Tom Cook

    Good to see some real grassroots effort put into raising awareness about PTSD and OSD. You are all amazing people and together you already have and will continue to inspire us to look up from our safe, little bubbles and reach out to those who need us.

  3. Robert A. Dorrington

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting the runners this morning at Serious Coffee in Willow Point. What an awesome bunch of guys! As a retired CF member, I have to say how proud I am to be helping in some small way to support this cause. Robert A. Dorrington MWO(ret’d) usually known as Bob from Gold River Legion

  4. 9 months before I met my wife, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and put on that medication. When I met her, she was already on 8 to 12 schizophrenia medication. Half were side effects, and half of those were side effects to the side effects. It got rediculous, and even I could tell that she was not schizophrenic. We couldn’t find a doctor anywhere that would over ride our doctor’s diagnoses. We moved and we still had difficulties, the only difference is that they wanted to put her on stronger meds. It took 10 long years when we found someone that would help my wife Sylvia get an appointment to see a specialist, one of the top ranking doctors in the schizophrenic field. Sylvia had to endure a lot of test, she was willing to do it, because this was her last legg, she was on the ferge of death. She had cat scans, and a three hour test to go through. Then the moment of truth came that she would see the specialist on the third day, and she was scared, I practically had to drag her. She was expecting the worst. I said expect the best, be positive, and focus on who you are. Anyways, the moment of truth came, that Sylvia would have to see the specialist, she was shivering in her shoes. We sat down, and he said, “do you know how I do a cat scan?”. Sylvia said no! The specialist picked up a stuffed cat and started scanning Sylvia’s brain. Sylvia started laughing for the first time. The specialist open’s up the file and says to Sylvia, “do you know which one is schizophrenic?”. Sylvia looks at the two pictures and points to the one on the left. The specialist said: “yes”! Then he said, “do you know which one is yours?”. Sylvia being very scared as it is, said, “no, I don’t!”. The specialist looks at Sylvia, Sylvia looking at the specialist; seem like a show down at the ok corel. You could feel the intensity, the pulsation of anxiety as the specialist pointed to the one on the right, and said this: “is your brain”. Sylvia released all of her stress and anxiety as she looked at me and kissed me for helping her after all these years. The specialist said: “you are not schizophrenic, and never have been”. The specialist said that it was whith his diagnoses that Sylvia is “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Sylvia has been raped, abused verbally, physically since she was eight, and the specialist put Sylvia at the same rank as those coming out of war. He thanked us for coming, and we left the office with so much energy of excitement. It was not until June of 2010 that our family doctor and pyschiatrist degruggingly took Sylvia off of schizophrenic medication, and it now has been 44 months that she has been off of it. Since then it was me that has helped her this far, because every doctor and specialist still wanted Sylvia under schizophrenia, so we stayed away from them. We did go see a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder specialist in Victoria who said that Sylvia was doing all the right things, and he also said: “what takes people years to do, that she was doing it herself with the help from her husband. Since then we were able to find a family doctor that believes in Sylvia and wants to genuinely help her. Someone did a documentary on myself, and Sylvia is in it too, and they said that they see a transfermation of change right before their eyes as she staired right into the lense and said I forgive all those people that raped her, and abused her.


  5. Your public awareness can only help those sitting alone at home with this silent and deadly disability, if your message reaches just one person suffering in silence then you achieved your goal. Keep up with the outstanding work bring PTSD/OSI to the forefront of a growing problem. It was an honour to have been a part of the greeting at the Comox Legion and we look forward to supporting and seeing this run next year as you come through Comox.
    Be safe out there.

    National President
    Canadian Dispatch Rider VMC

  6. I am so proud of you all. I have been cheering you all on from Ontario this week and telling everyone I know what an amazing bunch of guys you are and what an amazing cause your working so hard for.

  7. Natalie Fisher

    What was the GRAND total for the island run? Great job by everyone involved, glad to meet you at Comox legion….***Pot banger on dyke rd***

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